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Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Treatment according to the Paill Spectrum Model:
DR Xxxxx :Suggested Treatments include:

Undertake Paill Spectrum treatment program if appropriate.


A patient needs the assistance of a medical practitioner to undertake Paill Spectrum treatment.

Doctor The Doctor: source of medical wisdom

Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : You hope!


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : Currently the Paill Spectrum model has been pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx. It is not well known to the majority of practitioners. There is however sufficient information on this web site to enable most practitioners to initiate and monitor treatment for a Paill Spectrum condition.  :-<

Methotrexate structure Structure of Methotrexate


Folic Acid structure 6 MercaptoPurine 6 Mercaptopurine

Folic Acid Structure


Autoimmune Diseases: New Treatment

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : Consider the Paradox of methotrexate or steroid therapy : It is likely that a number of our immune suppressant drugs do not function as immune suppressants at all primarily but as control agents for unrecognised illnesses. E.g. Methotrexate as an antifolate agent controlling organism growth e.g. Mercaptopurine as an antinucleotide agent for Noël Fragment disease processes. This type of information may predicate a new dose protocol method. Continuous therapy may not be indicated in favour of intermittent combination therapies.

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : Mechanisms for the development of autoimmune antibodies may include:

Hapten isoimmunisation or
Noël Fragment disease : causing cell death or cell reprogramming. "Noël Fragment" disease as proposed by the Paill Spectrum model would suggest a new novel mechanism for the genesis of a variety of these conditions.

Haptens Hapten Iso-immunisation ProcessHapten Hapten Iso-immunisation Process



Immune dysregulation:
E.g. in the GIT by unrecognised antigens causing abnormal immune responses
Erasmus Erasmus : The concept of autoimmunity is a rather weird one. One would expect that the development of anti- self antibodies would be a process that is substantially proscribed by evolution as being not consistent with the survival of a species.

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  The Paill Spectrum model takes a different interpretation on the development of auto-immunity. Auto-immunity will often simply be "IMMUNITY" where we currently have no understanding of what the triggering or activating antigens may be. Especially, anti-nuclear antibodies will rise and fall six months after an immune event has occurred. The type of ENA is important as it may help to point to the likely antigen source for antibody formation.

Paill Spectrum theory says that auto-immunity may in fact exist, but most of what we are dealing with is simply immunity or disordered immunity. Our understanding of immune activation in the intestine is not sufficient to work out what the trigger factor may be in inflammatory bowel diseases. Most Irritable bowel disease however is due to wheat or gluten / allergy or sensitivity. There are substantial immune effects resulting from exposure to gluten in a genetically susceptible individual.

Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : CENSORED ref AX4001 by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Current trends in medical practice are drifting towards the increased use of immunosuppressive medications such as Methotrexate or 6-mercaptopurine.  These are regarded as cell toxic immune suppressive medications.  By suppressing the immune system, inflammation is reduced and the patient feels better.  These medications are very potent in suppressing cell growth.  Some patients even on small doses may have tissue healing impaired to such an extent that they have difficulty in healing even small superficial scratches.

The treatment of these disorders is a difficult area to understand the long term consequences of clinical decisions because of the very long lag times between action and effect, clinical variability amongst patients and the complex clinical conditions of the patients involved.  (They are often elderly and have multiple medical problems). 

Kinkajou Kinkajou: Dr. Xxxxx observes that many patients who are started on immunosuppressive medication actually respond very well initially clinically.  Inflammation is reduced and pain levels drop. 

Very often in 1-2 years, the clinical condition worsens, and the patient needs to have their doses of immunosuppressive medications increased.  This usually works well and the condition again comes under control with relief for the patient.  This happens again in 1-2 years.
This cycle of doses increases is played out over decades, with quite significant weekly doses of immunosuppressives being used eventually in most patients. The patients are told that the condition must be worsening.

Where immunosuppressives are not used, the patients do not seem to undergo the same “clinical worsening.”


The lag time in immune effects is particularly well demonstrated in the onset of diabetes mellitus. Often up to 6 months after the exposure of the patient to Paill immunoactive antibiotics, there is a sudden immune flare, resulting in enhanced destruction of colonised tissue areas, resulting in for example in the case of diabetes a loss of islet cells in the pancreas. The problem starts rapidly and develops suddenly somewhat akin to falling off a cliff.

Paill Clinical Picture Common Adult Paill Spectrum Symptoms


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : Prognosis for Fibromyalgia & Related Disorders in the Paill Spectrum Model

There is no magic cure for people who have a long history of Fibromyalgia like illness.  Nerve pain is very difficult to treat effectively, though some relief is easy to obtain.  Without treatment however, this Paill Spectrum condition continues to progress. 


The next phase of the progression of a long-term Paill Spectrum Fibromyalgic illness involves:

Memory Loss
Loss of Sequencing or Planning ability
Deterioration of Insulin Resistance
Deterioration of Exercise Tolerance
Increasing Unsteadiness
Increasing Anger, Irritability: more conflict with partners, Neighbours or family
Poor or Questionable judgment in a number of life circumstances, probably only obvious to the people who know the affected person’s circumstances well.

Anger An Angry Face : Common in Paill Spectrum

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the miseries that occur in Paill Spectrum Fibromyalgia, merely a representative list. 

There are other symptoms mentioned in other Paill Spectrum conditions on our other web sites.


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  The Paill Spectrum Model and Markers of Disease, in Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Disorders and Autoimmune Disease
The Paill Spectrum model as pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx states that Fibromyalgia and possibly some other autoimmune illnesses are caused at least to some extent by infection with the Paill Spectrum organism. 

CENSORED "ref AX1104" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”.

These other symptoms will also improve subtly and slowly but definitely with Paill Spectrum treatment.



Tissue pain is very difficult to eradicate with anything except maximal Paill Spectrum treatment. It also tends to recur three to nine months after cessation of antibiotic therapy. The Paill Spectrum model of disease as developed by Dr. Xxxxx relates that the Fibromyalgia group of patients has a generally poorer response to nutritional therapy than most of the Paill Spectrum groups.


Common Treatments in Fibromyalgia & Related Conditions

It is critical to treat people with effective therapy, not just symptomatic medication, or drugs.  Medicine for “symptoms” does not change the progress of the disease.


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Common Symptomatic medications used by many doctors in treatment may include:

Simple Painkillers:
Paracetamol: an old mainstay and it does help a bit
NSAIDs (Non- Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs):
Celecoxib (Trade Name: Celebrex)
Meloxicam (Trade Name:  Mobic)
Old NSAID Medications:
Piroxicam (Trade Name: Feldene)
Naproxen (Trade Name: Naprosyn)
Ibuprofen (Trade Name: Brufen, Nurofen)


Narcotic Class Painkillers
Slow release morphine or
Slow release Oxycodone :-]]<


Mixed Class Painkillers:
Tramadol (Trade Name: Tramal)
Amitriptyline (Trade Name: Tryptanol), other Trade Names are Common for this old medicine), better known as an antidepressant but having an action on pain transmission as well.

Pills Pills - for your Ills?

Steroids such as Prednisone or Prednisolone are often used. These medications in Dr. Xxxxx’s opinion have a much more acceptable risk or damage profile than cytotoxics, specifically where used in doses less than ten mg per day for Prednisone.

Cytotoxic Medications are often used. This includes medications such as:

These medications appear to give good symptomatic relief,
but in the long-term the underlying Paill Spectrum disorder will flare
over three to nine months. The rationale for the long term constant usage of these medications also needs to be considered. The Paill Spectrum model would suggest that long term constant usage of cytotoxic medications causes more problems than it cures.

Unfortunately, the modern trend is to use cytotoxic medications more and steroids less. In Dr. Xxxxx’s opinion based on the Paill Spectrum Model of disease which he has pioneered, the balance of risk or injury favours use of steroids to use of cytotoxics. As with anaesthetics, combinations of therapies often result in a reduction in the volume of use of any single agent, reduced toxicity effects from reduced doses and improved effectiveness.

Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : A person with whom I was talking once summarised the situation with remarkable clarity. How is it that you can improve the symptoms caused by an infectious organism with immunosuppressant or cytotoxic medications. It becomes obvious that the real situation is quite complex.


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  The Paill Spectrum model of disease I developed , does not “blanket condemn the use of cytotoxics. It merely suggests strongly that these medications are used for specific indications to achieve specific clinical aims with definite clinical goals.

Where there is an immune (or in the classical model Autoimmune) response  complicating PaillSpectrum infection, these medications may in fact be beneficial to symptoms control and disease control. Where the disease process is due to Paill Spectrum, treatment may give temporary relief, but exacerbate the condition long term.

There will be a point however, at which "help" becomes "hinder".
Dr. Xxxxx states that in complex circumstances, where more than one pathological process is occurring, treatment compromises will need to be made to achieve the best outcome for the patient.

The mainstay of treatment is constant monitoring,
and achieving definite clinical goals or blood test goals,
before moving on to the next stage of treatment or therapy. :- l]


Erasmus Erasmus : What about people who are just tired, not achy or full of pains?

Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : Haven't you fools been listening. Paill Spectrum has many symptoms and presents in many ways. It is one of the most pleasingly lethal organisms and its symptoms are often subdued. Make the diagnosis when you can with what you can find. Paill Spectrum is stealthy. Many patients would not even know they are ill, even if reduced to 'post literate vegetables' drooling and pooing in some nursing home bed somewhere.


Paill Clinical Syndrome Common Adult Paill Spectrum Symptoms


Goo Numbat Goo : the picture you paint is eerily disgusting. Even a lowly mammal like myself feels sorry for humans.

CENSORED "ref AX1105" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”.

Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx :  Don't be so smug , Goo. If doctors can't recognise these symptoms in patients, they are worthless fools not worth helping.