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Ache and Pain Syndromes in Illness


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  waxes lyrical: Fibromyalgia is a medical condition or syndrome that many doctors do not agree even exists. It is often used as a diagnosis when the doctor believes there really is something wrong with the patient, but the doctor is unable to find anything to confirm their opinion in the blood test investigations.


Characteristic Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia Include:
Trigger Points: sensitive areas in the muscles
Sore spots in various muscles in the back
Extreme Tiredness
Prolonged Tiredness after exercise:-[ 

Paill Clinical Picture Pain Paill Spectrum Adult Symptom Complex

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis of exclusion. Generally, it is diagnosed when no other condition or disease can be discovered. (E.g. typically Connective Tissue Diseases need to be considered as a diagnosis). Many doctors do not even agree on what the symptoms are.

Predominantly, Fibromyalgia presents as an inflammatory condition such as tendonitis .It is often associated with chronic fatigue and poor recovery from exercise.


Sore Hands Early in the Morning

Kinkajou Kinkajou :  Do you see patients who wake up at night or in the morning with their hands feeling unusual, thick heavy or clumsy?

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Yes. The symptoms generally fade quickly once you are up and become active, moving your hands.

Your doctor says maybe you have carpal tunnel syndrome, but the tests for this condition show minimal to no slowing of nerve conduction. I.e. there is no diagnosis. The doctor at last tells you, "No, you do not have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome". Unfortunately, then no answer follows. Maybe it’s just arthritis. You have to learn not to sleep on your hands. Maybe you are doing too much activity. In any case, it must be all your own fault.

Sore Hands Sore Hands

In the Paill Spectrum model pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx,
the Paill Spectrum disease can cause hand symptoms.


Self-Diagnosis Tests for Paill Spectrum Hand Syndrome
A simple diagnostic test or treatment is to wear gloves to bed at night. Paill Spectrum affected patients will often find that their hands feel significantly better when they have been kept warmer for a prolonged period of time. There is a noticeable difference in how the hands feel. The difference is obvious, and a noticeable difference occurs within days.  Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms generally respond poorly to this type of “heat” therapy.


Elbow Pain: Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow,
Shoulder Pain: especially in the Rotator Cuff Tendons

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Many Patients develop these symptoms and fail to get better spontaneously. They go to see their doctor. The doctor examines them and diagnoses Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow or Rotator Cuff Tendonitis of the shoulder. Often the bicipital tendons of the shoulder are involved as well.

Patients are advised to rest the strain. Strangely, most of these patients end up complaining of the same symptoms to the doctor for years to come. They do not recover from their simple strain. Rest never helps.

Under the standard current medical model of how these conditions are caused, this just does not make sense. Dr. Xxxxx relates that he often sees patients who have "really" strained their tendons. They do get better and they do stay better. So why do few of these patients get better.

Perhaps age is the factor.

Shoulder Pains Shoulder tendonitis:
a common Paill Spectrum related symptom complex.
Erasmus Erasmus : Tennis elbow and golfers elbow are conditions thought to be due to excessive strains on tendons at their origin or insertion to bones, resulting in tearing the tendon fibres of the bone.  Rest should heal this problem but many patients never recover from their problem. Usually golfers elbow or tennis elbow is treated with rest, ultrasound, and painkillers. Often they become chronic and painful. This web page discusses a new theory to cases of apparently sports related injuries that never heal: symptoms, signs, diagnosis, and treatment. The Pail Spectrum model explains why these conditions may fail to settle and how Paill Spectrum can affect sports performance. The significance of symptoms under the Paill Spectrum model is discussed.


Often patients will be found to have other symptoms which are not traditionally associated with tennis elbow or golfers elbow. These include: Chronic fatigue, Sore Hands, Dizziness, dizzy, sleepy, weight gain, loss of balance, sports performance deteriorating, being wobbly or unstable, anger impulsiveness and violent behaviour., Many patients with elbow pain / tendonitis will also often have undiscovered rotator cuff tendon inflammation.

Doctors can change many aspects of the disease or illness using the Paill Spectrum Model.

Discusses  sore thick hands, worst in the morning. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is often diagnosed by doctors, when nerve conduction tests confirm a diagnosis. The Paill Spectrum model of disease proposes new alternative treatments for illness, including ultrasound, heat, and nutritional therapy.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : The Paill Spectrum Model Predicts that patients with Paill Spectrum golfers elbow, tennis elbow or rotator cuff tendonitis will have a number of other characteristic symptoms and signs. These include:


Sweaty Hands Sweaty Hands:
a ubiquitous Paill Spectrum symptom

Other Pains in the Paill Spectrum Syndrome Pain Sites:


Generally the patient, the patient remains sore and unable to return to their normal work or activity. A range of symptoms eventfully appear, over years.

Facts Paill Clinical Picture Common Adult Paill Spectrum symptoms


This web page discusses the conditions of golfers elbow as well as tennis elbow. We also discuss how Paill Spectrum affects the performance of sportsmen and sportswomen. Especially due to the deterioration of fine muscle control and proprioception ( the ability to know where you are , simply by feeling your body), careers end and people lose their edge. We discuss the observation that many people with this illness never get better.



Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : Giving an opinion on the obverse, telling these sick people that's it's all in their head is actually true to some extent.

Unfortunately, it's a real disease cooking off their neurones until they lose the ability to speak, to think and to wipe their own bums. I don't think the Paill Organism responds to a good talking to. Only an idiot would be suborned by the thought that it's all imaginary and in your head. It's actually ,very real and very much in your head.


Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : What is wrong with these doctor idiots. They tell people to rest and the tennis elbow or golfers elbow will get better. Yet they don't. Surely a sensible person would wonder if their understanding of this condition is somehow deficient. No these tired old fools just keep on trotting out the same old tired advice. If you don't get better , they label you as a malingerer or someone with psychiatric issues. Even I would not do such a thing.


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : Nutritional therapies can be very effective , but they can have long lead times up to 12 months for the therapies to be effective.

Nutrition Nutrition makes a big difference
if you know what you need to do and why.

Erasmus Erasmus :
Medical conditions always happen for a reason.
Modern medicine gives no answers and no explanation as to why you may be ill. If there is an explanation, you may often find that the condition just does not get better even though it should. It follows the explanation is wrong.

But there is a cause for illness. To defeat the illness, specific treatments designed to achieve specific purposes are necessary.


You are not mad. You are sick. You can fix the problem.
Knowing the "cause" is everything.

Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : The medical world is an apprenticeship. It guarantees stupid ideas get promulgated. It ensures no one rocks the boat. How can you be right when we all agree any dissenting opinions are wrong.






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Accepted causes of tennis or golfers elbow or rotator tendon cuff problems are tearing of the tendons at their origins from or insertions to bone. Usually golfers elbow or tennis elbow is treated with rest, ultrasound, and painkillers. Often they become chronic and painful. The Pail Spectrum model explains why these conditions may fail to settle and how Paill Spectrum can affect sports performance. Blood tests can help to confirm a diagnosis of illness.

Blood Testing Taking a blood test.

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Discusses sore thick hands, worst in the morning. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is often diagnosed by doctors. The Paill Spectrum model of disease proposes new alternative treatments for illness, including ultrasound, heat, and nutritional therapy.

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